He Is Risen,

3 simple words that change everything!  I am certain none of us could have imagined the year we've had.  I was just thinking back on how last Easer I led worship services online from my dining room and all the other many changes required of us these past 13 months.   And as we are about to celebrate Easter again, we do so cautiously meeting together...but it's still not the way it was before. No doubt we can lament our losses and complain about all the changes, but perhaps the 3 life shattering words - He is Risen can help us gain a shift in our perspective.  See the fact that Jesus, a human being was crucified, his voice silenced and with his death hopefully all his followers would be silenced too.  But he lives and so does his message of love and grace- clearly the worlds plan was  not what God had in mind.  In fact, the way things had been before Jesus were never going to be the same again.  

And so perhaps as we stand in humble awe of the meaning the cross, we might remember that the message of it was never comfortable or easy...and it certainly was not about keeping things same.  And so it seems this truth stands for the Church of Jesus Christ this very Easter too!  

May your experience of God be life changing- for God's plan is always much bigger and better than we could ever imagine.

He is Risen!  Risen Indeed.

Pastor Jamie